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Hamana Works Tira Indonesia

PT Hamana Works Tira Indonesia (HWTI) is Manufacturing Car Carrier Trailer and Tractor Modification, most likely in the future to manufacturing Car Carrier Truck, Manufacturing Wing Box and Car Cargo


Being a leading and reliable car carrier and cargo company in Asia.


  • Providing the customer satisfaction
  • Providing the high quality car carriers and cargo which have sustainable value.

Our Value

  • Honesty.
  • Proactive.
  • Teamwork & Synergy.
  • Sustainable development.

Our Excellence Products

High Safety Car Carrier

By always considering the safety work, HWTI Car Carrier is equipped by the anti-slip foot protection, handrails and fastening work that can be used without climbing upstairs, thereby it will reducing the potential for work accidents.

Less Maintenance cost

By providing high qualities mentioned above, it makes maintenance costs cheaper because of the cracks and oil leaks, which are being the main problem that often arise in car carriers have been overcome by the features contained in the HWTI car carrier.

Flexibility of car loading

By applying the setting of tire stopper on each of the floor, it can flexibly carry and load many various types of vehicles without the need to change the load position due to adjusting changes in the vehicle model of the cargo. Beside that it also supported by the ability to adjust on each floor that can load many various types of vehicles.

Over Riding Style

Adopting the over riding style type allows loading vehicles with a wide body and makes it easy for the operator to work up and down.

High body durability

The use of thicker material in the frame or body as well as the use of steel in the gooseneck frame and kingpin cross members significantly increase the durability of the car carrier, it also minimizing number of cracks which is being a common problem in today's car carriers body.

Operator Friendly

The use of aluminum planks on the road boards can reduce the burden on workers because it has only about 20 kg of weight so it allows only one adult to lift it.

Environment friendly, less oil leaking

The use of air suspension on the car carrier can reduce the shocks which can suppress the problem of oil leakage, as well as this product also supported by the use of plastic material on the inside of the slide, so that it does not require the lubrication.

High Quality of Transportration

The use of air suspension on the HWTI car carrier significantly reduces the danger of damage to the cargo because the shocks can be maximally suppressed. And the use of a protective plate on the front of the goose neck can protect the car from the jumping stones and gravels.

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