Yoshiomi Matsushima “President Director”

PT Hamana Works Tira Indonesia was established in Tegal, Central Java, as a joint venture of Hamana Works Co., Ltd. and PT Tira Austenite to produce car carriers.

Hamana Works is a top car carrier manufacturer in Japan and has been supplying car carriers to all Japanese car manufacturers including Toyota Motor for many years, supporting the development of the Japanese automobile industry.

PT Hamana Works Tira Indonesia is a young company that has just started production in 2018 with the aim of developing and producing a car carrier that will support the future of the Indonesian automobile industry and young employees are working together to create new challenges every day.

Indonesia’s automobile market is the largest in Southeast Asia and has continued to grow steadily. Although there has been a temporary stagnation due to the recent slump in natural resource prices, Indonesia is entering a new stage of development with the aim of becoming an EV manufacturing base in Asia.

Indonesia, a youth nation with a population of 260 million and an average age of 29, will create new demand for automobiles and lead the future automobile industry in Southeast Asia with environmental technology.

Through many years of experience in car carrier development and high quality manufacturing, we aim to supply our products globally from Indonesia to the markets of Southeast Asia and even Japan.

PT Hamana Works Tira Indonesia wants to grow together with our customers with the aim of “We are always pursuing more value of our products and services for our customers, and becoming a company loved by customers and by employees and their families.

Ardi Kusmara Tanuwinata “The Operation Director of HWTI”

HWTI is a new company engaged in car carrier that focus in the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets. In achieving this fundamental goal, HWTI needs to make a strong company foundation, including:

Human Resource

We believe that human resources are the main aspect in developing company, their role cannot be eliminated even though, nowadays, technological advances have been developed rapidly. Therefore, in order to have great qualified human resources who are highly dedicated to work, HWTI develops a complex recruitment system and employee coaching as our major concern.

Effective, Neat, Clean, Careful, Diligent (EN-CD)

A high quality product begins with a consistency and continuously of the EN-CD implementation in every part of our working activity. The application of EN-CD for being a culture and work habit is one of HWTI’s daily work agenda. Rearranging the work tools and designing daily pickets schedule is an obligatory for all of the HWTI’s workers, this obligation belongs to the employees to the directors.

Workplace Health and Safety

One of the company’s obligations is to provide a holistic protection for the health and safety of its employees. HWTI is committed to always enforcing zero accidents at the workplace, which starts with ourselves and for ourselves. Accommodating the training and workshop in using the work tools is necessary to avoid the misuse that caused any work accidents, we also continue to conduct hazard identification training. 

By applying that basic foundations wholeheartedly, HWTI believes can provide products that will accommodate and fulfill the customers’ needs and expectations.

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