Asian Std

1. HWTI Car Carriers Have Meet Indonesian Government Regulation Of PP no. 55. Year 2012.

2. Using CAE – FEA On Steel Material Selection. Analyzing the maximum resistance of a part of the product/part or material (stress analysis) to the force that will be imposed on the product.

3. Sandblasting Use On Cleaner Material Painting.

4. Lower Loading Position (Operator Friendly). Reducing the height of the work area. So far there are still accidents of people falling from the top floor of the trailer. For this reason, Asian Std has developed a low loading position.

5. People’s Crossing Floor.

6. Loading Flexibility For Any Vehicles. Utilizing the 6th floor which can move (new type) above the axle allows easy vehicles downstairs, and easily get out the door without worrying about bumping into the trailer frame.

7. Adjustable Stopping Tire.

8. Resin Used On Pilar Sliders (Environment Friendly).

9. Compact Tracking Type.

10. Shield Plate Fixed On 4th Floor Lower Side.

11. Moveable Floor No.6.

12. Air Suspension. Damaged roads condition will affect the quality of the structure of the frame. The use of air suspension is better because be able to absorb vibrations. And will increase the durability of the frame. Users can also adjust the height of the air suspension as needed.

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